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As a dedicated student and skilled developer, I hold a profound appreciation for the principles of the Open Source Foundation (OSF) philosophy. Fueled by an innate passion for technology, I seamlessly blend creativity and innovation in all my pursuits. With a demonstrated commitment to excellence, I adeptly craft projects that harmonize my technical acumen with my artistic sensibilities. Seeking to leverage my multifaceted talents, I aspire to contribute meaningfully to projects that align with my expertise.

As a student-developer deeply rooted in the OSF philosophy, I am excited to bring my multifaceted skills and unwavering dedication to a dynamic team or project. With a unique ability to bridge the gap between technology and art, I am poised to make valuable contributions that drive innovation and excellence. My diverse experiences and proficiency across various domains equip me to tackle challenges with a holistic and inventive approach.

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PlayNux is a linux kernel based rolling release operating system.

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Games => itch

I made quite a few games in my free time and most of them are on my itch io page.

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Crypto Game site

Made it on a contract.This site allowed users to register with a small amount of crypto and then play games in order to earn more tokens, which converted to any cryptocurrency.

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Want me to manage your linux server? Or maybe develop an app? Or just work together?

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